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A Witch in the Hamptons!

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In 1657, Elizabeth Howell, the daughter of East Hampton's most prominent citizen, Lion Gardiner, died screaming she was killed by a witch. Her attendants swore that the culprit was Goodwife Garlick, from a local troublesome family. What happened to the only person on eastern Long Island to be accused of witchcraft, thirty-five years before the Salem witchcraft trials? Find out at a lecture tomorrow morning called "Goody Garlick: The Story of an East Hampton Woman Accused of Witchcraft," given by Loretta Orion, Ph.D., and Hugh R. King, director of Home Sweet Home Museum, who are writing a book about the case. It's at the Rogers Mansion at 17 Meeting House Lane in Southampton, 11AM October 24.
· Southampton Historical Museum [Official site]