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The Foursquare That Moved in Sagaponack is Now $8.995M

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There's a lot to love about this one acre property. The listing says "An original 1930s Prairie-style home was relocated here." False. That's an American Foursquare, not a Prairie. When this Foursquare was moved to its present location several years ago, it generated a lot of controversy. But that was then, this is now. The old house has been expanded to 4500sf and renovated, while keeping a lot of the charming original built-ins. We love the kitchen with its different textures and colors (white marble, black granite, red stone) and the subway tile in the bathrooms. There are four full baths, two partials and six bedrooms. There's also a new poolhouse and a two-story garage with space above for guests or a studio/office. Outside, there are sweeping views over agricultural reserve. The price had $855K shaved off it three weeks ago—will this be enough to tempt a buyer?
· Sagaponack Hedges Lane [Sothebys]