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Montauk's Stately Pleasure-Dome House in Contract

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We last checked in with this property back in August; since then it's gone into contract. We didn't much like this 5500sf residence, thinking it way overdone for a Montauk beach house, especially at an asking price of $3.8M, but it seems someone else did! We did love the giant clamshell sink in the half bath. Commenters mostly hated the house, calling it "Hideous and about 10 times the size of every other house in the neighborhood. Pray for a meteor" and mentioning the "Hideous furnishings! Where did they get that stuff, TJ Maxx?" And also: "Not to get all class warfare-y, but it's pretty ironic that this ridiculous, hedge-fundy monstrosity is smack in the middle of Culloden, which was developed as the first vacation-home development for middle-class NY'ers. Wonder if they knocked down a Leisurama to build it?" Oh well, there's a lid for every pot.
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