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Bridgehampton Three-Bedroom Owned by Ex of Gossip Girl Star

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This house is really quite nice for the price, we think, which is $1.35M. Good location south of the highway, with an open, airy, beachy feel, low maintenance, and best of all, the kitchen features a blue Smeg fridge. (We're crazy about Smeg fridges, owning a pink one ourselves, and we've already heard all your smart remarks, thank you.) It's 1600sf with three bedrooms and two baths set on .27 of an acre. Anyone who wants an easy property to move into, without needing renovation, this place is for you.

Here's the gossip about this house. Sources tell us the seller is German businessman Daniel Giersch, the ex-husband of Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford. He bought it and renovated it to give his kids a quiet place to stay while their mom was filming in New York. Kelly Rutherford has gone bankrupt fighting with her husband for custody of their kids. She filed for divorce from Giersch while pregnant with their second child in 2008. Ever since, there have been custody battles. Giersch lost his American visa in 2012 and the children now live with him in Monaco. This house doesn't have a pool because Rutherford alleged that Giersch's Los Angeles house wasn't safe for the kids because it did have a pool.

In an interview with the New York Daily News published August 29, Rutherford says she's acting as her own lawyer in the custody battle because she can't afford to hire one. "The actress has claimed she spent 'every penny from 'Gossip Girl,' my pension, my stocks? fighting for my children.'"
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