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Sagaponack "Modern Masterpiece" by Charles Gwathmey Now Asking $21M

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The last time Curbed Hamptons featured this house, back in February 2012 when the asking price was $24M, commenters were, well, "scathing" is the best way to put it. "This is Charles Gwathmey meets Bergen County, NJ. Any authentic modernism has been 'suburbed' right out of the house. [?] Sorry to be harsh...but $24MM ask calls for harsh!" We think it's a beautiful house, though, leaving aside the creepy artwork with the huge eyes staring at you in most rooms. You're not buying the artwork, though! What you do get is a gorgeous modern house by a master architect, 2.44 acres of prime Sagaponack land close to the ocean, pool, pool house, tennis court, all for the low, low price of $21M.
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