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Army Corps: No to Ditch Plains; Maybe to Geotubes

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Two ideas were recently mooted for shoring up vulnerable downtown Montauk at the annual meeting of Concerned Citizens of Montauk. The first, nourishing the beach east of downtown, which would include Ditch Plains, has been nixed by the Army Corps of Engineers. This plan would not justify the high initial cost, it said.

The other idea, using large sandbags called geotubes instead of the hard structures (groins and a seawall) the Army Corps mentioned, is a possibility. Geotubes are not considered permanent structures unlike, say, a stone groin. State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. said he "he thinks geotubes should be considered [?] as a compromise between a hard structure and just putting sand on the beach."
· Army Corps Will Not Extend Montauk Emergency Repair to Ditch Plains [27East]