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Stately Southampton Grande Dame Seeks Beaux

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Yesterday this lovely 1892 Queen Anne was pictured in the post about houses you actually like. We liked it so much we decided to give it its own post. Unfortunately, no one else has loved it enough to buy it in the 11 months it's been on the market. Original price was $3.2M; now $350K has been shaved off it for an asking price of $2.85M.

We think we know what's holding this place back (besides the price, obviously) and it's the tired décor. We love wallpaper ourselves, but this stuff is from the 70s and 80s and is really dated. (Who knew anyone still had that metallic silver paper? Wow!) Strip it all back and paint the walls linen white and the house will look much fresher. And while we adore kitchen fireplaces, the kitchen also could use a sensitive makeover—maybe some paint on the dark cabinets. And despite its generous 3300sf, there are only four bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Outside, there's a half-acre plot, so there's plenty of room for a pool.
· Step Back in Time [Corcoran]