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Here Are the Houses You Actually Like

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Last Thursday, we ran an open thread for commenters, who usually slag off the houses featured here, to big up homes they actually like. You folks have great taste! One commenter liked "the grand old Atterbury on Cooper's Neck (although at $20M I think it's way overpriced)" pictured above. Lovely. That person also liked the "Peter Cook contemporary on Briar Patch that's been on the market forever for some reason (probably price again)" below, which is asking $15.95M.

Next, one commenter liked (in order) a house in Sagaponack asking $4.75M, an Amagansett cottage for $1.75M, a Southampton Queen Anne for $2.85M, and finally a North Sea beach house for $1.795M. Great choices! We particularly love the Queen Anne.
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