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Clocking In With 'Modern Primitivism' Master Tucker Robbins

Welcome back to Clocking In, a video series in which Curbed explores one individual's artistic contributions to the great, wide "wheel" of design; in other words, cool stuff cool people create. Care to nominate someone noteworthy? Do send a note.

The series continues with Tucker Robbins, the monk-turned-furniture designer who left behind 10 years at an ashram to travel the world, eventually helping to establish a weaving cooperative in Guatemala. He went on to visit remote jungle communities around the globe, where he connected with the craftspeople who help design and build his eponymous furniture line today. The Long Island City, Queens, studio, where the video above was filmed, is but one of many; Robbins also maintains production centers in Cameroon, Peru, Nepal, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, among others. His mission? One-of-a-kind furniture that's sustainably crafted and sustains the communities where it's from. Additionally, Robbins is always trying to get consumers to care about the origins of, say, their dining tables. He's a fascinating guy with some stunning work; do have a look.

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