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Fight Over Fittings at Hamptons Demolition Sales

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[Pictures courtesy Tag Team Estate Sales]

What was haute and upscale ten years ago is now terribly dated, sweetie, in the Hamptons. So when the first summer in their new house was over for the owners of an 11,000sf, $15 million Sagaponack mansion, everything was ripped out. The three Sub-Zeros, twelve toilets, the white marble slab for the kitchen island—everything. But instead of throwing it all in a dumpster, they held a demolition sale, in which everything was sold. $2000 for that slab of marble, for example. It's a great idea—the homeowner saves money, buyers can get great deals, the tag sale folks pocket a commission, and the stuff doesn't go into a landfill. This sale was run by Susan Zappola and Christina deMaggio, partners in Tag Team Estate Sales. Anyone else planning to visit their next sale?
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