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$720K Worth Of Chops Later, 65 Mill Hill Lane Sells For $1.675M

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We've been curious to learn 65 Mill Hill Lane's fate ever since it hit the market in August of 2011. We half-expected the four-bedroom to quickly find a buyer and trade for almost the full initial asking price...people loves themselves some Mill Hill Lane around here. Totally wrong on both fronts, though. Not only did the place languish for almost a year and a half, but it took over $700K worth of pricecuts to get a deal done. Guess even the tree-lined loveliness that is Mill Hill (often considered one of East Hampton's prettiest streets) can't escape the current market reality. At least the sellers don't have to worry about the new tax rate?according to HREO, the $1.675M sale was finalized on 12/31/12.

Update: Although marked as "Sold" on HREO, the home is actually still in contract and scheduled to close next week. We regret the error.
· Listing: 65 Mill Hill Lane [Brown Harris Stevens]