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Quick Contracts Lead To Quick Sales For A Couple Of EH Homes

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When this "summer colony cottage" clicked over to "In Contract" after only three weeks on the market, all signs pointed to it trading for near the full $7.95M asking price. Guess the owners of the "John D. Stokes" house were in a sellin' kinda mood (or at least trying to beat that tax increase) because they ended up agreeing to a decent sized cut. The eight-bedroom changed hands for an even $7M.
· Listing: East Hampton Village Estate [Brown Harris Stevens]

[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

Another home in East Hampton's estate section that also found a buyer with relative ease was this four-bedroom carriage house on Lily Pond Lane. And, much like John D. Stokes House, the sellers accepted an offer below the ask. No need to feel bad, though. The final purchase price of $6.75M is only about 5% less than the $7.1M the home was listed for at the end of August.
· Listing: Lily Pond Carriage House [Brown Harris Stevens]