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Renovated Three-Bedroom Finds A Buyer In Three Weeks!

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[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

Well, that was a fast one. After hitting the market in the middle of December, this 1840s shingled residence "in the heart of Sag Harbor's historic district" has already clicked over to "In Contract" on HREO. Looking at the home's stats (and the listing photos), it's pretty easy to see why someone jumped on the place. The 2600 sq. ft. three-bedroom offers high ceilings, a formal dining room, five fireplaces, double parlors, a library, and an enclosed front porch. Sweetening the deal is a three-tier garden with mature trees, a wooded restricted abutment and tall privet hedges. There's no pool on the .29 acre property, but there's more than enough room to install one.

The question now: What do you think the buyer agreed to pay? The home was listed for $1.85M. Feel free to leave those guesses in the comment section.
· Listing: 24 High Street - Sag Harbor Village [Douglas Elliman]