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Is There A Guy Who Breaks Into Houses Just To Redecorate?

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One our favorite Hamptons cocktail party anecdotes is the story about a guy (or gal) who breaks into homes in the winter and, instead of stealing stuff, just redecorates. We're talking furniture rearranging, picture rehanging, objet shuffling, and, as one variation of the story goes, even table refinishing and sofa reupholstering.

The homeowners then come back in the spring and are surprised to discover the intrusion, but since it's such an improvement, end up liking it.

Since many people do tend to leave their Hamptons homes unlocked and it can get a bit boring during the long cold lonely winter, this story isn't all that far fetched. But is it purely apocryphal? We'd sure hate to have to stop telling this great story if it's not true. Your thoughts or intel in the comments, please.

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