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Former Mill Hill Ugly Duckling Now Available for $3.395M

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[Photo credit: John Laffey Architect]

The Mill Hill area of East Hampton is dotted with loads of charming vintage homes. At first glance, this new $3.395 million listing appears to be a part of that crew. Not so fast! This place actually started out as particularly dowdy split-level home. Fortunate for us, the house has had a little work done. Okay, a lot of work done. The listing tells us that architect John Laffey is the mastermind behind this 3,000-square-foot gem. The finished result boasts curvacious gables and some nifty overhangs to help disguise the split-level past. Real estate botox, if you will. Other perks include tidy landscaping and a 30' pool, which completely maximizes the tiny village parcel.

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