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Mega-Rental's Party Barn Has Everything But Actual Animals

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Just look at this rental. The exterior practically screams, "behind my walls are more random amenities than you will ever know what to do with." And it speaks the truth! For $475K, accoutrements like spa-like basements, wine cellars, and elevators abound. Impressive, but only a drop in the bucket compared to the party barn out back. That thing's stuffed with "a practice tennis court [read: a reaaally big ping pong table], two half courts for basketball, a putting green, driving range, as well as the perfect space for entertaining." Not exactly your run-of-the-mill barn. (Or maybe?)

The listing cautions that "you may really never want to leave!" Our advice? Just hide out in the barn—with all of that space, you'll probably go unnoticed until at least Thanksgiving.

· East Hampton Village Paradise [Saunders]