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Whopping Water Mill Estate Commands Whopping $18.5M Ask

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Behold Longview, the impossibly large Water Mill estate that now wants a new owner. The gambrel-style abode weighs 15,000 square feet, which have been divided into eight bedrooms, "vast public rooms," and a painting studio—perfect for painting the long view after which the home was named. Or other crafty endeavors, like going on Pinterest.

Now, more about that view. The 4.3-acre spread sits on the highest point in Water Mill. That means the house gets impressive views of the "moraine" (we looked it up, and it's a mass left behind by a glacier) and the ocean beyond. Better yet, the 52-foot pool and pool house all enjoy the same vantage. Since the estate's asking $18.5 million, it's probably appropriate to just end this post the same way as the listing: "When only the best will do, Longview."

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