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Wainscott Residents Discover Money Can't Solve All Problems

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"The people of Wainscott are suffering," said a man to the East Hampton Town Trustees at a recent meeting. Was it famine? Or genocide? No, he was referring to the fact there isn't enough sand to replace the dunes vaporized by Hurricane Sandy last October. And, unlike most problems in the Hamptons, money doesn't seem to be able to solve this problem. Because of sticky political and environmental issues, there seems to only be 12,000 yards of sand available and there's a lot of disagreement on how best to divvy it up among all the homeowners and contractors who want it. They also can't even agree on what type of sand to use (the Trustees want a quality of sand used that's softer and lovelier than may be legally required). As expected, there's been lots of name calling, dirty looks while waiting in line at Breadzilla, and strong hints of litigation.

· It's a Sand Shortage Scramble in Wainscott [East Hampton Star]