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Flanders Is Milking That Big Duck For All It's Worth

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For over 80 years, the small hamlet of Flanders has been attracting international attention with their Big Duck, an inexplicably popular 20' tall duck-shaped structure that sits on the side of the road between Hampton Bays and Riverhead. But what does the Big Duck really mean? To provide much needed context, the group that runs the Duck is seeking $17,000 from the county to turn a nearby barn into a full blown Big Duck museum, which will feature "some wonderful photographs." Sadly, no real live ducks are part of the current plan.

Some fun facts:
--The duck is 20' tall, 30' long, and 18' wide.
--The eyes are made from Ford Motel T tail lights.
--Interior square footage is a cozy 165-sq-ft.
--It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.
--Today (and because of this building), the term "duck" is often used by architects to describe any sort of mimetic building (be it in the shape of a basket, hot dog, or coffee pot).

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