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Why Sag Harbor's Getty Station Really Closed For Good

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The Getty Station in Sag Harbor had a sign up saying "Out of Gas...Delivery Coming Tomorrow" for so long that people started to get suspicious. Now word comes that Jim Shelly, the independent owner of the station, doesn't have any plans to reopen it. "This is a long story," he writes, "but essentially, we lost money selling gasoline in 2012 and didn't see any hope for 2013."

No word yet if someone else is planning on taking over the business.

Highlights of the story from the owner:

Last April after 7 years in Sag Harbor, our gasoline supplier Getty Petroleum went bankrupt. That ended our 5 year lease on the gas station. Our rent and gasoline security deposits of $25,000 were lost in the bankruptcy. Getty Realty, the owner of the property gave us a 30 day renewable permit to occupy the premises and assigned us to a new fuel supplier while they negotiated a long-term supply lease for all the gas stations they owned. East Hampton Getty is also a part of this process. For over 22 years I've been an independent dealer. That means, I buy gas, mark it up and sell to you. I have to watch the market and be competitive or my volume will decrease as you all go elsewhere in search of better prices. But I also have to pay rent on the property, phone service, taxes, electric, insurance, and labor. My pump price reflects those costs. This summer Alliance Energy Ltd, my new fuel supplier sold gas to us for 3 or 5 cents below the pump price at Hess. At one point near the 4th of July they delivered regular for 11 cents more than the Hess pump price. Therefore I lost money running the gas station.

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