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Southampton's 'A Wee Ly Mor' Now Asking A Whole Lot Less

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The last time we took a look at "A Wee Ly Mor," the Fulton Cutting family had listed the shingle-style cottage for a cool $17.5M. What a difference a year and a half makes! The home has just popped up under Nestseeker's banner with a $12.95M pricetag attached. Set on just .7 acres of Meadow Lane oceanfront, the 6600 sq. ft. home offers 10 bedrooms, four fireplaces, a sleeping porch, and "most of its original features." Looking through the listing photos, it's pretty obvious that the place is in dire need of an overhaul...but will that come in the form of a renovation crew or a wrecking ball. Thoughts?
· Listing: A Wee Ly Mor, Premier Southampton Village Oceanfront [Nest Seekers]