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1730 Meadow Lane Closes At A $10M Discount

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The threat of end of the year tax hikes sure sent rich folk scrambling to sell their summer homes, didn't it? Over the weekend we learned that 1730 Meadow Lane was able to close just before the New Year. Final purchase price? $22M. A huge step down from the original $32M asking price, but an impressive number nonetheless. What's more impressive? This might not qualify as one of this year's 10 biggest sales. We're still waiting to hear about the fate of a few big listings that were noted as "In Contract" leading up to the end of 2012, but it's looking like the #10 spot will go to the $23.15M purchase of 260 Jobs Lane.
· Meadow Lane Oceanfront To Join 2012's Biggest Sales [Curbed Hamptons]