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A Springs Cottage 'Far From The Maddening Crowd'

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Our admiration for the real estate prose of Corcoran's Gary DePersia is no secret around here. His brokerbabble isn't trying to sell you on a house. It's trying to sell you on a lifestyle. We have no idea how effective it is, but it certainly doesn't seem to be hurting his numbers. At the very least, it helps break up the monotony of looking at interchangeable summer homes.

Mr. DePersia might have outdone this time around. The description for his latest offering?a $2.595M cottage in Springs?has guaranteed that he'll eventually end up with his own wing in the Brokerbabble Hall Of Fame. Enjoy!

"You've always talked about that charming waterfront cottage you'd buy in East Hampton in the Springs far from the maddening crowd. Hopefully the views over the water from your deck would include blazing sunsets. Of course, you'd want to moor your little boat just off-shore. And yes, it would be nice too if you could just plop your furniture in without having to do any renovations. And naturally you'd expect a heated gunite pool overlooking your own private beach where you'd watch your children play. Didn't your wish list include a little shed to store all your beach stuff too? ....Well I just happen to have one if you're still in the market. You'd better hurry though as there aren't many newly constructed 3 bedroom traditionals hanging around on the harbor at the moment. McMansion affionados....take a hike."Never change, Gary.
· Listing: 15 Outlook Avenue [Corcoran]