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Finally! A Look Inside The Maidstone Club.

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Considering all the opportunities for social media sharing that exist, you would think we'd have come across an interior picture or two of the Maidstone Club by now. Nope. The ultra exclusive club has been able to keep its mystique well into the digital age. Hell, even their website is password protected.

That's why we were a little surprised when we randomly came across a recent photograph taken from inside the place. It's the first time we've actually gotten a peek inside the hallowed halls of the clubhouse.

For those that were expecting gold leafing everywhere, exotic animals, and a champagne fountain or two, we hate to disappoint. The above image could have been taken at any number of homes around the area. Exposed beams? Check. Wood everywhere? Check. An interior design that could be described as old money-chic? Check. If this room was found in a listing featured on Curbed, we can only imagine what the comments we be like.

If you've got any other images of the place, feel free to send 'em along. Your anonymity will be guaranteed.

Maidstone Club

50 Old Beach Lane, East Hampton, NY 11937 Visit Website