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Egypt Lane Compound Gets A Priceup, Now Asks $12.5M

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While pricechops in the Hamptons are about as common as deer in the Hamptons, priceups, on the other hand, are a much rarer occurance. While many homeowners have a good reason to increase the price, the same cannot be said for all listings that decide more is better.

This two-structure offering seems to fall firmly in the latter category. After spending a few months at $11.75M before it was taken off the market, the listing has tacked on another $750K since being relisted in August. Nothing about the 1.9 acre compound located "at the end of a long gated drive from the green of East Hampton's famed Egypt Lane" looks different from the last time we wrote about it except for the new $12.5M pricetag. But, just to be sure we're not missing something, we reached out to the listing agent to explain the jump in ask. We'll update if and when they respond.

· Listing: Unique Village Compound With Specimen Trees [Brown Harris Stevens]