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The 'Boat Party' Barge Is For Sale

If you've been disappointed at the ever-shrinking turnout for the annual "boat party" in Sag Harbor, now's your chance to do something about it. The "central stage" is currently listed on Craigslist for $24.5K. From the ad:

"double decker party platform deluxe,i have had 45 people onboard with space to spare. has a central 4 sided bar on first floor, a very roomy electric flush head with 56 gals. of holding tanks. also has gas tank and fresh water tank, and a large [10 x 20] second floor deck.made of wood with an original steel inner frame. was completely re-built in 2010-2011. has floating dock billets and closed cell blown in foam for floatation. powered by a 135 hp mariner. barge size is 36' long x 16' wide. draws around 16" and is legally registered as a homemade wooden boat .many fun times on board by many people. must sell because im getting a fishing boat."So...anyone interested in being responsible for the entertainment at next year's event? Kinda seems like that's a reguirement of the sale, no? Otherwise, you'll end up with many a disappointed drinking boating enthusiast. · Listing: party boat/barge - $24500 [craigslist]