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75 Main Takes An Interesting Approach With Its Website

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If you need a good laugh this morning, head on over to the website for Southampton's 75 Main. While most restaurant sites tend to highlight the food being served, owner Zach Erdem has taken a different approach. Instead, he's opted to showcase pictures of himself with various actors (look at the face on poor Jodie Foster up there), random models, and reality "stars." Most confounding is the inclusion of a photo of him and Brooke Shields on what looks to be a street in Manhattan. And, if you were wondering if the food is any good...uh...the website has a few articles touting Tila Tequila and Dina Lohan's prior visits there.

At least it's not Flash-based.

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75 Main

75 Main Street, , NY 11968 (631) 283-7575 Visit Website