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Big Reveal: How Much For This 'East Lake Contemporary' In Montauk?

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Address: 26 Homeward Lane, Montauk
Asking Price: $3,550,000 (after a recent $250K chop) We had a feeling the photos for this particular listing might invite some criticism and Curbed readers didn't fail to disappoint. "One of the things these owners need to do is rid the place of those tchotchkes, knickknacks and doodads that serve little or no purpose. Keep it clean and lean looking," was one of the nicer comments about the place. It got so bad that the listing agent chimed in to offer a defense:

"As the listing agent I'd like to address a number of comments made to this post.The owners have owned this home for many many years. Their belongings, as such, are precious to them. The furniture may be poorly placed, the bedspreads may be awful, but this is their home and they are dealing with parting with an important part of their family history. The towels might be askew, the kitchen drapes may be "shabby", and most any person could tell you that a menorah has more than five candles. I don't need to "stand up to the seller". Sometimes compassion and patience are part of the selling process."As for the estimates, we suspect the "tchotchkes, knickknacks and doodads" might have played a role in every single reader offering a guess well under the $3.55M asking price. The closest one was $3.2M, but the majority fell somewhere around $2M. · Listing: East Lake Contemporary [Corcoran]
· How Much For This 'East Lake Contemporary' In Montauk? [Curbed Hamptons]