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North Sea Cottage Gets Chop #2, Now Asking Under $2M

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Looks like we've got a motivated seller on our hands! Or, at the very least, one who understands that asking $2.5M for a 1200 sq. ft. cottage on half an acre might be considered overly optimistic. After originally listing the house back in June, the ask has already been reduced for the second time. Pricetag these days? $1.995M.

As much as we like the "effortlessly eclectic" four-bedroom, one huge factor that might be a dealbreaker for potential buyers would be its proximity to the neighbors. Looks like the listing agent feels the same way?there's a little bit of photographic chicanery going on. Compare the location of the adirondack chairs in the main photo above to where they've been placed in this shot. Moving them to one side of the flag pole gives the illusion that the property is much larger than it actually is. Shenanigans, people!

· Listing: Life's A Beach! [Saunders]