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'Montauk Leisurama' Finds A Buyer In Less Than 2 Weeks!

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Continuing our coverage of homes that buck the depressing trend of requiring extended stays on the market is this Montauk beach cottage. After hitting the market on September 12, the 1100 sq. ft. home has already clicked over to "In Contract."

Listed for $1.7M, the original Leisurama design offers a pair of bedrooms, an outdoor shower, a large den, and sliding glass doors that open to a deck "that has ample room for outdoor entertaining." The .81-acre property also boasts a boardwalk leading to a "perfect sandy beach" and room for expansion possibilities. The place is definitely in need of some work, but it's a pretty safe assumption that the buyer's already planning on it. Can't imagine someone willing to spend this kind of scratch would let all that wood paneling go untouched.

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