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Gwathmey Award-Winner Returns To Market $1M Pricier

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When we last wrote about this Charles Gwathmey award-winning design it was to note that at hit the market. At the time, we call it dated and almost everyone who chimed up in the comments disagreed. We've changed our mind about the place?it's grown on is?but in the ensuing months something odd has gone down. According to HREO, Prudential Douglas Elliman has now taken over the listing and someone decided that the original $11.9M pricetag just wasn't enough for the 2400 sq. ft. oceanfront home. The place has tacked on a cool $1M to the ask. So...uh...interested buyers take note: You can probably get this place for $11.9M because, at one point, the sellers were willing to take it.

· Listing: 54 Sandpiper Lane [Prudential Douglas Elliman via HREO]