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Former Goldman Exec Cuts $3M From His Gwathmey Modern

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The $3M Hamptons pricechop hat trick has been completed. First it was Teddy Forstmann's Meadow Lane oceanfront. Then, it was the 4 acre property on Sagg Pond. Now, Jonathan Sobel, a former partner with Goldman Sachs has entered the pricechopping mix, bringing the ask on his seven-bedroom modern down to a still hefty $21M.

The last time we mentioned this Charles Gwathmey design, the commentariat was pretty evenly split on their feelings for the place, both yay and nay. One reader thought that "This is Charles Gwathmey meets Bergen County, NJ" while another called the house "incredible" and blamed the furnishings for why it might be considered dated. One thing everyone can agree on, though, some of the artwork is kind of creepy.

· Gwathmey Modern Masterpiece [Sotheby's International Realty]