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The 2012 Hamptons International Film Festival Lineup

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Film nerds, rejoice!

The Hamptons International Film Festival's lineup has hit the web. Tickets don't go on sale until tomorrow morning, so this gives you ample time to peruse the offerings and pick out which screenings/conversations you'll want to attend. As usual, it's a pretty solid group of movies the festival folks have curated. Of particular interest to Curbed readers is the "Views From Long Island" category, featuring a collection of documentaries (both short and long form) about the area.

It's worth noting that, like everything with the word "Hamptons" on it, this isn't exactly cheap. Sure, there are some free screenings and talks over the five days, but most of the showings start at $15 with some costing $30. If money's no object and you really fancy yourself a film lover, they also offer an all-access "Founders Pass" for...wait for it...$1500.

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