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This 4-Acre Sagaponack Property Is Now $2.95M Cheaper

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The $3M pricechops continue. After hitting the market last August for $22.9M, this 3.88 acre property just sliced enough from its asking price to bring it alllll the way down to $19.95M.

Belonging to and represented by Louise Linden, a long-time Hamptons developer, the parcel features 470 feet of Sagg Pond frontage, "vivid sunsets" and "extraordinary privacy." Oh...there's a house there too! Created by Peter Blake in the 1950s, the "vintage-modern" was designed to "focus on [the] views." However, speaking with The Real Deal, Ms. Linden noted that a "11,000-square-foot estate could be built on the property with a tennis court and a swimming pool." Meaning...cue the wrecking ball, we've got another $20M teardown in the Hamptons!

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