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$14.5M Meadow Lane Oceanfront Finds A Buyer

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With all the pricechopping going down on Meadow Lane, it's nice to see one of the places actually finding a buyer. This little $14.5M number just clicked over to "In Contract" on HREO.

Situated on 2.5 acres right next to the Ward Bennet contemporary that closed for $17.6M earlier this year, the "6000 s.f., three-level post-modern residence takes advantage of every water view and elevated prospect. A long drive leads to a wide stairway to the wainscoted main level, with four gracious guest suites and ocean-side sunroom." There's also a two-car garage, chef's kitchen and a windowed-elevator...ensuring ocean views even when you're bouncing in between floors. And in case you were worried that it would wash away in the next big storm, the home has been "engineered with piling foundation to meet the latest FEMA codes." Whew! Permits are also in place for a pool and a tennis court, because, well, you know...can't have an oceanfront estate without a pool and a tennis court.

· Listing: Pristine Meadow Lane Oceanfront [Sotheby's International Realty]