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East Hampton 'Art House' Hopes A 'Virtual Redesign' Helps

The last time we checked out this four-bedroom modern in East Hampton, we couldn't help but admit it to our "That's Rather Hideous" category. The 5000 sq. ft. home's exterior was (is) a mishmash of colors and shapes, while the interior boasted (boasts) dated furnishings and an overwhelmingly, devilishly red kitchen.

Thanks to a $200K chop, the home just popped up on our radar once again. We've noticed something a little different about the listing photos this time around, though. A few of them now feature a "virtual redesign" hoping to showcase the home's potential to interested buyers.

Definitely an improvement. However, do you think this bit of digital marketing will be enough to drum up a buyer for the Don Chappell design or is the $6.75M asking price still too much for someone to move forward with the project?

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