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Reader Comments, Back To Normal Edition

Before we make with this week's coverage of all things Hamptons, let's take a look back at the week that was. As usual, Curbed readers weren't exactly shy when it came to voicing their opinions. Here's just a sampling of what they had to say.


"Yipee! Great news. makes my day. Now I don't have to go all the way into the city to celebrate on the actual St. Pat's day. What were they thinking - planning this in April?!"


"Whether you want to blame or congratulate the 'PR Machine' that propelled and helped swell Montauk with crowds this summer, all I can say is it's been the best summer there. And I am a "local" (who lives in East Hampton) and I like to go out there to kick back and relax. I'm in my late 30's and all of the friends who joined me also had a great time. There's plenty of space for everyone, and so much more to do than in some of the other towns in the Hamptons. I thought it was wonderful seeing it so busy."


"What is being done to the Bulls Head is nothing short of a miracle. Having lived in Bridgehampton for the last 35 years, it is changing to whole look of the village. To have saved this landmark and rid us all of that incredibly rundown 'Beverage Store" across the street from it, is something Campbell should get a medal for doing. We all look forward to its opening."


"The orange cones out front were a big turn off, even when the place was nearly empty they made it seem like you were going to have a hard time 'getting in' most people kept driving and went elsewhere."


"The Board is compromising our inherent property rights. The Board's views do not reflect the wishes of the Sagaponack Village property owners. If they want to enact the proposed restrictions they should schedule a referendum. It's enough already."