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A $395K Cottage In Springs, Dumpster And Bleach Required

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[Photo credit: Cara Greenberg]

Generally speaking, when a listing pops up sans interior photos, the worst is to be expected. But nothing could you prepare you for the horror that is this 1930s cottage in Springs. Editor/blogger (and Curbed Hamptons interviewer extraordinaire) Cara Greenberg recently paid a visit to the $395K offering and came away needing a shower.

"I was shocked. I, who have seen a lot. The place was broken into and ransacked a few months back ? not too surprising, since it had been all but abandoned for some time. But to put it on the market without clearing it out or cleaning it up first? Inexplicable. The broker who showed it to me waded in boots through knee-deep grass outside and knee-deep clothing tossed onto the floor inside. The mouse droppings in the kitchen were abundant."Still, Ms. Greenberg thinks the place could be charming?it's on a "half-acre with good sun" and offers a separate cottage?as long as long a potential buyer has a strong stomach. · 1930s Springs Cottage 395K [CasaCara]
· 120 Fort Pond Blvd - East Hampton Springs [Prudential Douglas Elliman]