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Sag Harbor's 'Boat Party' Was 'Not Too Eventful'

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As expected, Sag Harbor's annual "Boat Party" took place on Sunday. Though the village board passed legislation that effectively banned the event from its home-of-the-last-few years in Sag Harbor Cove, the revelers simply moved it outside of the village's jurisdiction. Only about 100 boats showed up this time around?down from last year's count of roughly 200?which may have contributed to it being, as the Sag Harbor harbormaster put it, "Not too eventful."

Still, this week's East Hampton Star has a handful of pretty amusing items about the festivities. Gotta love drunk people.

"Police also received an anonymous call around 2 p.m. from someone concerned about a 'group of under-age teens drinking while in possession of an inflatable doll' near Havens Beach. When police responded to search the area, no teens or dolls were found." "A tearful young woman roamed the sand and the shallow water calling the name 'Joseph.' When people offered help, she described a boy in green shorts, but eventually it was determined that the missing 'boy' was actually her 23-year old boyfriend."

"Near the beach’s restrooms, a young man was passed out on a bench, slumped across another young woman in tears."

Anyone happen to make it out on Sunday? We'd love to hear a few first-hand accounts of the event. Sounds like it was incredibly fun. · Party Not Grounded [EH Star]