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The Old Stove Pub Expected To Re-Open Next Week

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If you've driven past the Old Stove Pub in Sagaponack recently, there's an excellent chance you've noticed that it's been buzzing with activity. There's a good reason for that: It's re-opening!

According to 27 East, a partnership involving some of the folks from Nammos in Southampton has decided to buy and re-open the eatery that hit the Hamptons over 50 years ago. Diners can expect a few changes to the menu (they've added a few Greek items), a new bar set-up and "private satellite dining rooms" on the second floor, but other than that, they're mostly leaving things as they were. They're even getting their meat from the same butcher that Coula Johnides and her brother, Stephen, used during their time running the restaurant.

No word on the exact opening date, but after Suffolk County's Department of Health signs off, they should be good to go sometime next week...the liquor license is already in place.

Cannot wait.

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