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On Shelter Island, A Waterfront Acre In Need Of A New Home

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Some horror movie location scout better book this spot with a quickness. As soon as this place finds a buyer, that frightful looking house is going to get chopped up quicker than an actor in the Saw franchise. Though the $3.5M listing employs a surprising number of photos?taking them on such a dreary day only adds to the creepy factor?for a place that's destined for the wrecking ball, the brokerbabble is pretty upfront about what's being sold here: "Tremendous opportunity to create your own paradise." Once Norman Bates' summer home is no more, the new owner can set about building something that takes advantage of the views of Gardiners Bay and Mashomack Preserve. The one acre property also comes with Building and DEC permits for a bulkhead, so any fears of erosion may be somewhat assuaged. Thoughts?

· Listing: Natural Beauty Abounds [Saunders]