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Trends From This Year's Hampton Designer Showhouse

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The Wall Street Journal recently checked out this year's Hampton Designer Showhouse in Water Mill. And, since it's usually a good gauge of design trends, the author offered the following observations about what's going on in the Hamptons:

Butterflies are really happening right now. "Several rooms feature butterfly motifs, butterfly wall pieces and framed butterflies."

"Fifty Shades of Grey" isn't going away.

"There are actually two copies of the book in the house—one in the master bedroom...and a room in the basement. "

Women are looking for their own version of man-caves. '"There's so much pressure on women today. They need to go to a place where they can mentally center themselves." according to Lee Najman, a Port Washington-based designer who came up with a conceptual structure called "Herspace."

Nurseries don't need to be only light blue or pink.

"Everyone wants white on white, but I like the idea of this dark jewel box with lots of pops of color, a space a child could grow into." ? Tamara Kaye-Honey

Like everything else, there is always a "story."

The designer of the master bedroom, Robert Passal, thought it important to give each room a backstory "otherwise it looks like a showroom."

Sadly, we've yet to make the trip to Water Mill (we try to avoid driving this time of year, if at all possible) to check out this year's showhouse, but it's in the works. For anyone who has paid the place a visit, care to share your impressions? · Jewel Tones and Butterflies [Wall Street Journal]
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