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Check Out Michael Haverland's 'Modern Yet Cozy' EH Abode

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[Photo credit: Michael Haverland]

The East Hampton Star recently published a nice little write-up on the East Hampton home of architect Michael Haverland. While not exactly on the same scale as the house he designed for Calvin Klein, the hallmarks of his aesthetic are all present in the 3000 square footer on Cove Hollow Road.

Open spaces, walls of glass, an emphasis on texture, and a feeling of timelessness are all readily on display. "I've had people ask me if its from the 1960s," he told the Star. "I'm happy about that; it can't be dated." And even though the home is thoroughly modern, a few more traditional flourishes can be found throughout. In addition to "windows [that] echo the French architecture of the 1940s and '50s," Mr. Haverland also utilized country sinks from the 1930s, antique chandeliers of brass, a "Victorian-era oak door, metal doorknobs from an 1898 school, and old-fashioned push-button light switches."

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