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Amagansett Beach House Gets Chop #1, Now Asks $2.6M

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This contemporary beach house in Amagansett is nearing its one year anniversary of looking for a buyer. To celebrate (a bit prematurely, mind you), they took a trip to visit the pricechopper. A $150K cut over the weekend has dropped the price to a still-respectable $2.6M.

Set on .72 acres right next to a reserve, the home offers 2500 sq. ft. of living space, four bedrooms, a wet bar, sliders throughout and windows galore. But this is a beach house! No need to be cooped up inside. To make the most of the summer sun, it offers a "huge entertainment deck" surrounding the pool as well as a separate dining courtyard. And let's not forget about its proximity to the's only 2/10s of a mile away. Usain Bolt could probably get there in like 30 seconds.

Listing: Surf Napeague [Sotheby's International Realty]