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Tory Burch Finds A Buyer For Her Meadow Lane Teardown

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Now that she's gotten comfortable in her Southampton home on Ox Pasture Road, designer Tory Burch has a finally landed a buyer for 4.5 acre Meadow Lane property. Readers might recall that Ms. Burch bought the home from her ex-husband for $22.5M following their divorce. She originally put it on the market for $17.9M (ouch!), but was only rustle up a buyer after dropping the price to to $11M (double ouch!). The soon-to-be sale comes with plans for a new 7100 sq. ft. Daniel Romualdez-designed beach house. Hopefully, that design pays a little more attention to weather-proofing. According to more than a few readers, the current house suffered a great deal of water damage after some pipes burst during a particularly unforgiving winter.

· Listing: 2080 Meadow Lane [Corcoran]