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The NY Times Reports On Montauk's 'Hipster Fatigue'

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Looks like we're not the only ones to have noticed that Montauk seems to be attracting a different type of visitor these days. First it was Forbes offering tips on how to live large in the laid back surfing town. Now, the grandaddy of newspapers has weighed in with an article titled "Montauk's Hipster Fatigue." The write-up is old hat (or should we say fedora?) to anyone that's been reading Curbed Hamptons for the last few years, but it does provide a bit that seems to perfectly encapsulate the sea change and the reaction to it:

"[Rob Devlin, the owner of the West Lake Clam and Chowder House] said he was happy for the new customers. ('They do put my kids through college.') All he is asking for is a little more respect for what is already here (and, perhaps, an end to the expense-account approach of splitting a bill seven ways on seven credit cards)."If you have a few minutes to spare, the whole thing is worth a read. Update: Guest of a Guest weighed in with a run-down of Montauk's fedora-lovin' locales.

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