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Cape Advisors Plans To Buy Baron's Cove, Appease Neighbors

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At a Sag Harbor Village Planning Board meeting earlier this week, a spokesman for Cape Advisors (the firm responsible for the $60M Watchcase renovation), announced their intention to purchase the Baron's Cove Inn from KBR Associates. In addition to renovating the exterior and rooms, the firm is also hoping to get approval to build an 87-seat restaurant with a bar and outdoor seating on the site. That last bit has some area residents concerned that noise and parking problems would degrade quality of life in the village.

Hoping to stave off potential criticism, the spokesman said the company already has self-imposed rules in place that would keep the restaurant/bar on the good side of the community:

· The pool would be restricted to hotel guests only
· Any acoustic music would end by 9 p.m.
· Outdoors, last call would be 10pm
· Alcohol wouldn't be served after midnight

· There would be no cover charge or bottle service (helping to avoid a "club-like" atmosphere)The spokesman also noted that, although he believes the residents' concerns are valid and the company is willing to work with the community, everything Cape Advisors is requesting falls on the right side of village code. · Baron's Cove Dining Unnerves Neighbors [Sag Harbor Express]