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The 'Beach Box' Gets Chop #1, Now $200K Cheaper

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Well, that was quick.

After hitting the market back in June, the much publicized shipping container construction affectionately known as the "Beach Box" just lowered its price by $200K. The ask on the environmentally friendly home is now $1.195M.

Why such an abrupt cut for the four-bedroom? While a few folks seem to admire the house itself, a greater number of commenters aren't exactly enamored with its location right off of Montauk Highway: "You have to do a lot of neck-craning to see the ocean from this house, but you will have fantastic views of the highway that is running through your front yard." Now, the big question: Will this new pricetag get the job done or will "the Hamptons' very first eco-container home" need another chop to find a buyer willing to put up with the "zoom zoom zoom" of summertime traffic?

· Listing: 1932 Montauk Hwy - Amagansett Dunes [Prudential Douglas Elliman]
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