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Town & Country Raises The Bar For Video Tours

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Most video tours for listings tend to underwhelm to the point we question why they were created in the first place. They're usually either glorified Power Point presentations or so amateurishly shot they could be confused for a middle-schooler's first foray into directing.

Well, Town & Country has decided to raise the bar. For a $6.9M listing in North Haven, they've included the video which you can see embedded above. Shot and edited by the ever-talented Jeff Cully of EEFAS, it's hard not to notice the level of quality in the clip. Sure, the soundtrack is that goofy world-music that helps keeps the cost down on these productions, but the rest is refreshingly professional.

Now, the big question: Will it make a difference? When it comes to a specific property, probably not?someone with $7M to spend on a summer home won't be swayed by a three-minute clip, no matter how pretty. However, when it comes raising awareness for a agency, this new tool might go a long way in bringing in business. Much like those glossy real estate magazines you find everywhere on the East End, the point is to up the profile of the company so the public is aware that you're a player on the Hamptons real estate scene. Due to the level of competition between agencies out here (and the continuing shift from print to web), you can expect to see more of them employing videos like this in the coming months.

· Listing: Acres And Acres Of Pristine North Haven Lane [Town & Country]