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Lily Pond Lane Carriage House Highlights North/South Divide

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Demonstrating how dramatically asking prices can differ from homes located on the south side of a street (closer to the ocean) to the north side is this newly renovated four-bedroom on the "wrong side" of Lily Pond Lane. Compare its $7.125M asking price to some of the other properties on the market and it becomes pretty clear how big the markup is for living on (or at least nearer to) the ocean.

As for the home itself...kinda run-of-the-mill for the estate section in East Hampton. Actually, for a 5000 sq ft. home, the listing photos make the place look almost cramped, no? And, believe it or not, there is no pool found on the one acre property?though there is a putting green. Since the residence is backed up to the northernmost side of the property, a pool would have to go in the front yard...requiring a variance. Even though the home is a short walk to Main Beach, this could potentially make finding a buyer a little difficult. Thoughts?

· Listing: Lily Pond Carriage House [Brown Harris Stevens]